Current 12 Best Scraper Truck Brand Recommendations

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Scraper truck are pivotal assets across diverse industries, encompassing construction and agriculture, due to their adeptness in material handling and transport. These multipurpose vehicles are engineered to address rigorous demands, rendering them indispensable for endeavors necessitating earthmoving or debris clearance.

Comprehending the intricacies of scraper trucks and discerning superior brands within the market are imperative for enterprises aiming for peak efficiency and dependability.

Within this comprehensive guide, we illuminate the essentials of scraper trucks, elucidate their operational capabilities, and furnish insights on the leading brands presently available. Such knowledge empowers industry professionals to make discerning choices conducive to their operational needs.

What is a Scraper Truck?

Scraper Truck

Scrapers, also known as wheel tractor scrapers, serve as versatile tools for scraping and leveling surfaces in various construction and earthmoving applications.

These robust machines are capable of not only leveling surfaces but also transporting earth and materials such as dirt and gravel over considerable distances, facilitating the movement of materials between different work sites.

Scrapers are distinguished by their exceptional efficiency compared to other earthmoving vehicles, particularly in material transportation tasks.

Their comprehensive functionality significantly reduces cycle times—the duration required for loading, hauling, dumping, and returning to position. A single scraper operator can efficiently move up to 72 cubic yards of material per cycle, effectively streamlining labor requirements and enhancing productivity.

Types of Scrapers

Scrapers are categorized into two main types: self-propelled scrapers (also known as motor scrapers) and towed scrapers, which rely on separate construction equipment for hauling.

1. Single-Engine Wheeled Scrapers

Typically, a single-engine scraper lacks the necessary power and traction to independently load material into its bowl. It requires assistance from a bulldozer or tractor to push material into the bowl. This additional force helps counteract the weight of the material and gravity, especially beneficial on inclines.

2. Dual-Engine Wheeled Scrapers

Dual-engine wheeled scrapers possess the capability to both load and pull the material autonomously, making them well-suited for rugged terrain. These four-wheel-drive vehicles are equipped with two engines, providing increased power capacity.

Additionally, their heavier build enhances traction while in motion. The dual-engine setup facilitates a self-loading push-pull mechanism, with one engine pushing while the other pulls, effectively aiding in the loading process.

3. Elevating Scrapers

Elevating scrapers utilize a chain-like conveyor belt resembling a paddlewheel. A hydraulic motor drives the chain, causing paddles attached to it to push dirt upward into the bowl.

Unlike conventional scrapers equipped with ejectors, elevating scrapers utilize a retractable floor to release dirt from the machine’s bottom. This design minimizes spillage and is suitable for handling various materials, both hard and soft.

4. Pull Type Scrapers

Pull scrapers are non-powered trailers that necessitate attachment to a tractor for towing and loading. Early iterations like the Fresno scraper were commonly drawn by horses. Due to their lack of a motor, pull scrapers are best suited for lighter terrain, including sand, soil, or soft materials. Pull scrapers are further classified into two types:

  • Carrier scrapers, preferred for wet and adhesive materials, utilize a hydraulic ejector or “pushoff wall” for unloading.
  • Dump scrapers employ a hydraulic cylinder to pivot or overturn the bowl for dumping loose, dry soil effectively.

Current 12 Best Scraper Truck Brand Recommendations

Underground mining equipment manufacturers in China are renowned for their highly sought-after mining machines. Among these, the underground mining scraper stands out as a top seller. However, Fucheng presents an alternative with its underground scooptram, tailored for non-metallic mining applications.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, the underground mining scraper features intelligent, articulated interconnections and digital solutions. Similarly, the underground scooptram boasts ruggedness, durability, and powerful performance in challenging conditions.

Fucheng’s objective is to enhance the safety, productivity, and profitability of their manufactured underground mining scraper.

1. Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-0.6D

The Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-0.6D, utilized in underground mining operations, is consistently driven by a Deutz diesel engine. This engine receives a variety of electronic signals from both the operator and sensors, including those monitoring diesel pressure, temperature, and speed.

The integration of these signals enables the Scooptram to promptly identify faults and conduct diagnostic assessments, resulting in a notable reduction in engine fuel consumption, typically ranging between 3% to 5%.

Additionally, the Scooptram enhances cold start performance, optimizes exhaust emissions, and prolongs the engine’s operational lifespan. Consequently, it finds extensive application across diverse non-metallic mining environments.

Key Specifications:

  • Bucket Capacity: 0.6m³
  • Rated Load: 1.2T
  • Max. Traction: 45KN
  • Running Speed: 0-8KM/H
  • Gradeability: 14°
  • Dimensions: 469011001760mm
  • Weight (including hydraulic oil): 4200kg
  • Brand: Yanmar
  • Rated Power: 56.5KW
  • Rotating Speed: 2200RPM

Notable Brands Used:

  • Rexroth (Germany)
  • Permco (USA)

Additional Feature:

  • Minimum Dump Height: 660mm

2. Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-0.75D

Fucheng, an underground mining scraper manufacturer, offers a range of standard configurations for their Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-0.75D models to accommodate the diverse needs and operational requirements of different mines.

These models come with a variety of optional accessories that can be tailored to the specific physical and mechanical properties of the non-metallic ore being mined and the unique operating conditions of each mine.

For instance, depending on factors such as ore density and preferred unloading method, users can select from different bucket capacities and shapes, including standard front discharge buckets, push buckets, side discharge buckets, and high lift buckets.

Additionally, operators have the flexibility to choose between air-cooled or water-cooled diesel engines based on the prevailing operating environment.

Furthermore, the configuration options extend to the cabin design, with choices between a universal cab featuring a safety roof or a fully enclosed air-conditioned cab, depending on the desired level of comfort and safety. Some models even offer the versatility to switch between diesel and electric power sources, providing adaptability to varying operational requirements.

As for the technical specifications of the Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-0.75D model with a DEUTZ F4L912W (Germany) diesel engine:

  • Weight (including hydraulic oil): 6.5 tons
  • Hydraulic pump/motor: Sauer PV22 / MV23
  • Heaped bucket capacity: 0.75 cubic meters
  • Max. traction: 41 kN
  • Running speed: 0-8 km/h
  • Max. discharge height: 850 mm
  • Max. rotation angle: ±36°
  • Rated power: 43 kW
  • Payload capacity: 1500 kg
  • Gradeability: 16°
  • Min. ground clearance: 195 mm
  • Max. bucket height: 3600 mm
  • Dimensions: 5800 x 1250 x 1900 mm

3. Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-1.5D

The underground mining scraper Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-1.5D is powered by Germany Deutz diesel engines, renowned for their reliability and performance.

Equipped with advanced electronic systems, this equipment receives and processes various signals from drivers and sensors, including speed, diesel pressure, and temperature, optimizing its operational efficiency.

In the demanding environment of underground mining, where conditions can be harsh, the operating system of such equipment is designed to be adaptable to both physiological and psychological human characteristics.

By aligning with human body functions, it enables operators to achieve rapid, accurate operations while ensuring optimal visual performance, contributing to a safer and more comfortable working environment.

Creating a comfortable and safe workspace not only reduces operational fatigue but also enhances efficiency and preserves human health.

Additionally, it enhances cold start capabilities, reduces exhaust emissions, and extends the engine’s lifespan. These factors make underground mining scrapers, such as scooptrams, indispensable in non-metallic mines.

Key specifications of the Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-1.5D include:

  • Diesel Engine: Germany Deutz (F6L914)
  • Dimensions: 625013001950mm
  • Full Load Speed: 0-8km/h
  • Gradeability: 25%
  • Maximum Traction Force: 100KN
  • Weight (Including Hydraulic Oil): 12T
  • Max. Shovel Force: 80 KN
  • Hydraulic Pump/Motor: Parker
  • Steering Pump: Parker
  • Pressure: 10.5MPA
  • Oil-Charging Pressure: 1.69-1.96MPA

4. Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-1D

Fucheng, a manufacturer specializing in underground mining scrapers, presents the Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-1D, tailored for standard configuration to suit various requirements in non-metallic mines.

Fucheng offers a diverse range of accessory models compatible with their underground mining scrapers, catering to different operational conditions and the specific characteristics of non-metallic mines.

Additionally, customers have the flexibility to select bucket sizes and shapes according to their ore unloading preferences. Moreover, the choice between water-cooled or air-cooled diesel engines is available to accommodate different operating environments.

The underground mining scraper can be configured with either a universal cab featuring a safety roof or an enclosed air-conditioned cab, depending on the work environment. Furthermore, customers have the option to transition from electric-powered to diesel-powered engines for their underground scooptrams, based on their specific needs.


  • Bucket Volume: 4 cubic meters
  • Rated Capacity: 8 metric tons
  • Max. Shovel Force: 170 kilonewtons
  • Axles: American Dana
  • Max. Traction: 200 kilonewtons
  • Power: 190 kilowatts at 2300 RPM
  • Max. Discharging Angle: 40 degrees
  • Number of Cylinders: 6
  • Gradeability: 14 degrees ±1 degree
  • Displacement: 7.2 liters
  • Tyre: 18.00-25, L5S
  • Throttle Controller: American MICO
  • Weight (Empty): 25.5 metric tons
  • Dimensions: 9718 x 2319 x 2390 millimeters

5. Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-2D

The Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-2D, utilized in underground mining operations, is equipped with engines manufactured by Germany Deutz. The choice of Germany Deutz diesel engines ensures reliable and robust power, facilitating successful subsurface mining endeavors.

Electronic signals transmitted by the operator to the engine facilitate real-time monitoring of critical parameters such as speed, diesel pressure, and temperature.

Key features of the Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-2D include:

  • Hydraulic system employing pilot control for enhanced operational ease.
  • Spacious cabs designed to optimize operator comfort and functionality.
  • Ergonomically positioned operating handles, buttons, and instrument panels to meet ergonomic standards.
  • Comprehensive instrument display and sound and light alarm systems ensure operational safety.
  • Safety roof equipped with a falling stone impact insurance structure.

Benefits of employing Germany Deutz diesel engines include improved cold start performance, reduced exhaust emissions, and extended engine lifespan, making the Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-2D a preferred choice for many non-metallic mining operations.


  • Heaped bucket capacity: 2.0 m³
  • Max. traction: 100 kN
  • Diesel engine: Germany Deutz (F6L914), 84 kW at 2300 rpm
  • Dimensions: 7400 x 1540 x 2100 mm
  • Full load speed: 0-8 km/h
  • Oscillation angle: 8°
  • Weight (with hydraulic oil): 12 tonnes
  • Max. shovel force: 80 kN
  • Max. discharging angle: 40°
  • Hydraulic pump/motor: Parker
  • Steering pump: Parker
  • Pressure: 10.5 MPa

6. Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-3D

The Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-3D is an underground mining scraper known for its distinct features. Its three-point articulated structure enhances stability, ensuring reliable performance in challenging underground environments. Unlike many scrapers employing dry disc brakes, this scooptram utilizes fully sealed oil-cooled multi-disc brakes, offering extended service life and enhanced safety.

The hydraulic system of the Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-3D integrates pilot control valves, effectively reducing the driver’s workload. Notably, it features a single-handle steering mechanism for intuitive operation, enabling smooth maneuvering. Furthermore, the scraper boasts two independent brake control systems to ensure optimal safety during braking maneuvers.

Technical Specifications:

  • Bucket Volume: 3m³
  • Rated Capacity: 6T
  • Max. Shovel Force: 100 kN
  • Axles: American Dana
  • Max. Traction: 120 kN
  • Power: 150 kW at 2300 RPM
  • Max. Discharging Angle: 40°
  • Number of Cylinders: 6
  • Gradeability: 14° ± 1°
  • Diesel Engine: Germany Deutz
  • Oscillation Angle: 7° to 10°
  • Displacement: 6.5L
  • Weight (Empty): 17.6T
  • Dimensions: 8868mm × 2112mm × 2275mm

7. Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-4D

The Diesel Scooptram FCYJ-4D, utilized in underground mining operations, boasts several notable features. Firstly, its steering mechanism employs a single-handle method, enhancing operator control and ensuring smooth maneuverability.

Additionally, it features dual independent brake control systems, enhancing safety during braking procedures, with the driver’s seat centrally positioned for optimal visibility and compact layout.

Secondly, the operator benefits from a clear field of view and an efficiently arranged layout. Thirdly, its smaller dimensions compared to traditional underground bucket capacity scrapers contribute to enhanced mobility, flexibility, and reduced roadway section requirements.

Lastly, the Scooptram incorporates a centralized piping arrangement, simplifying lubrication tasks, and includes rollover protection in the driver’s cab.

In summary, the underground Scooptram distinguishes itself through its structural design and incorporates various advanced technologies and design methodologies, making it a highly desirable choice for underground mining operations.


  • Engine: Deutz F10L413W or equivalent
  • Hydraulic Torque Converter: DANA C5000
  • Shift Transmission: DANA R30000
  • Axles: DANA 19D
  • Bucket Capacity: 4 m3
  • Rated Loading Capacity: 8000KGS
  • Discharging Angle: 40°
  • Min. Ground Clearance: 355mm
  • Gradeability: 14°
  • Speed Performance:
    • 1st Gear: 4±0.5 km/h
    • 2nd Gear: 8±0.5 km/h
    • 3rd Gear: 15±1.0 km/h
    • 4th Gear: 21±1.0 km/h
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 9400 mm
    • Width: 2500 mm
    • Height: 2330 mm
  • Operation Weight: 20000 kg

8. Electric Scooptram FCYJ-0.6E

The hydraulic reform system integrated into the underground mining scraper Electric Scooptram FCYJ-0.6E offers several distinct advantages:

  1. Simplified Mechanism: The system eliminates the need for uncommon manual reversing valves, streamlining operations and potentially reducing associated costs.
  2. Enhanced Functionality: By adopting a commonly used solenoid-operated reversing valve, the underground scooptram achieves improved operational efficiency.
  3. Scientific Design: The implementation of this system entails a methodical replacement process, resulting in the installation of a more dependable solenoid valve for heightened reliability.
  4. Optimized Braking System: The braking mechanism of the underground scooptram is intricately linked to both a liquid-filled valve and a foot-operated brake valve. This design aims to enhance system stability and augment the flexibility of the braking process.

Technical Specifications of Electric Scooptram FCYJ-0.6E:

  • Rated Bucket Capacity: 0.6m³
  • Rated Loading Capacity: 1.2T
  • Max. Shovel Force: 45KN
  • Running Speed: 0-8KM/H
  • Max. Discharge Height: 1150mm
  • Unloading Height: 660mm
  • Max. Loading Height: 2458mm
  • Wheel Base: 1850mm
  • Min. Turning Radius (Inner): 2650mm
  • Max. Rated Power: 30KW
  • Rotation Angle: ±35°
  • Min. Ground Clearance: ≥190mm
  • Rear Axle Swing Angle: ±6-±8°
  • Weight: ≤4.5T

9. Electric Scooptram FCYJ-0.75E

The Electric Scooptram FCYJ-0.75E, an underground mining scraper, represents a prominent advancement in underground mining equipment. This scooptram offers several notable advantages. Firstly, it operates without emitting fumes, generating noise, or excessive heat, enhancing the working environment underground.

Secondly, its electric propulsion minimizes hazards to miners and reduces ventilation costs while ensuring a conducive work setting. However, the electric scooptram’s range of motion is limited by its towing cables. To address this, when relocating beyond its autonomous reach, it employs the reverse cable method for transfer.

Key specifications of the Electric Scooptram FCYJ-0.75E include:

  • Heaped bucket capacity: 0.75m³
  • Rated capacity: 1500kg
  • Max. traction: 41 KN
  • Max. shovel force: 39KN
  • Running speed: 0-8km/h
  • Grade ability: 16°
  • Max. discharge height: 850mm
  • Min. turning radius: 2350mm
  • Max. rotation angle: ±36°
  • Min. ground clearance: 195mm
  • Rated power: 37KW
  • Max. bucket height: 3600mm
  • Dimensions: 580012501900mm
  • Weight (including hydraulic oil): 6.5T

10. Electric Scooptram FCYJ-1.5E

This underground mining scraper demonstrates high levels of productivity and efficiency. Various sources assert that its productivity surpasses that of other brands under similar conditions by 1-2 times, despite its low production cost.

Consequently, this equipment significantly accelerates mine development during construction. Moreover, the electric-powered nature of this underground mining scraper eliminates rail and diesel emissions, enhancing its power, mobility, and environmental friendliness.

Key specifications include:

  • Heaped bucket capacity: 1.5m³
  • Minimum turning radius: 3000mm
  • Driving system: Dana
  • Maximum rotation angle: ±36°
  • Maximum traction: 92 kN
  • Minimum ground clearance: 250mm
  • Maximum shovel force: 73 kN
  • Rated power: 55 kW
  • Full load speed: 0-8 km/h
  • Maximum bucket height: 3740mm
  • Grade ability: 25°
  • Dimensions: 625013401950mm
  • Maximum discharge height: 1200mm
  • Weight (including hydraulic oil): 11600 kg

11. Electric Scooptram FCYJ-1E

The Electric Scooptram FCYJ-1E, designed for underground mining operations, boasts a satisfactory turning radius, rendering it well-suited for navigating tight mine tunnels. Enhanced driver comfort is achieved through an optimized cockpit design.

Notably, the integration of electronics and computer technology, coupled with increasing automation, has notably lightened the driver’s workload in underground scrapers.

The adoption of a hydraulic control operation for the travel system further enhances agility, effectively reducing equipment failure rates and bolstering mining efficiency. Additionally, the V-shaped structure of the bucket minimizes pick-up resistance.


  • Heaped Bucket Capacity: 1m³
  • Min. Turning Radius: 2350mm
  • Rated Capacity: 2000kg
  • Max. Rotation Angle: ±36°
  • Max. Traction: 52 KN
  • Min. Ground Clearance: 195mm
  • Max. Shovel Force: 45KN
  • Rated Power: 45KW
  • Running Speed: 0-15km/h
  • Max. Bucket Height: 3000mm
  • Grade Ability: 25°
  • Dimensions: 625013401950mm
  • Max. Discharge Height: 1085mm
  • Weight (Including Hydraulic Oil): 7T

12. Electric Scooptram FCYJ-2E

Underground mining equipment, exemplified by the Electric Scooptram FCYJ-2E, is experiencing heightened demand. This underground mining scraper offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it operates without generating heat, noise, fumes, or harmful substances. Secondly, it enhances miner safety.

Additionally, being electrically driven, it incurs lower ventilation costs, ensuring a secure working environment. Moreover, it boasts high efficiency and minimal running expenses.

The rising popularity of electric underground mining scrapers is notable, despite limitations in motion due to towing cable constraints. Nonetheless, the introduction of equipment like the underground scooptram addresses this issue through innovative solutions, such as the reverse cable method.

Properties of the Underground Scooptram (underground mining statistics):

  • Heaped bucket capacity: 2.0m³
  • Prefill valve: Parker
  • Max. shovel force: 80 kN
  • Foot brake valve: MICO
  • Max. traction: 100 kN
  • Multiple valve: Parker
  • Max. discharging angle: 40°
  • Power: 60 kW
  • Max. steering angle: 36°
  • Dimensions: 7300 * 1540 * 2050 mm
  • Gradeability: 20°
  • Weight (including hydraulic oil): 12000 kg


Fucheng specializes in the manufacturing of underground mining equipment, primarily focusing on underground scrapers. Renowned for its cutting-edge production technology, Fucheng maintains a leading position in the international market.

Notably, the engines powering their underground mining scrapers are sourced from Germany’s Dauerz equipment, enhancing the reliability of Fucheng’s offerings.

Additionally, Fucheng’s underground shovels boast exceptional configuration. Leveraging robust production scale and technical expertise, Fucheng dominates the underground mining equipment manufacturing sector, steadily emerging as a prominent market leader.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Scraper Truck

What is a scraper truck?

A scraper truck is a specialized vehicle equipped with a large, hydraulically-operated blade or bucket mounted at the rear, used for scraping, hauling, and distributing various materials such as soil, gravel, sand, or debris. These trucks are commonly used in construction, mining, agriculture, and road maintenance industries.

How does a scraper truck work?

Scraper trucks typically operate by lowering the blade or bucket onto the ground to scrape up material. Once loaded, the material is then transported to its destination, where it can be dumped or spread using the same blade or bucket. Many scraper trucks feature hydraulically-controlled mechanisms for precise operation and efficient material handling.

What are the different types of scraper trucks?

There are several types of scraper trucks, including motor scrapers, pull scrapers, and elevating scrapers. Motor scrapers are self-propelled vehicles with a scraper blade mounted on the front and a hopper for material storage.

Pull scrapers are towed behind a tractor or other vehicle and typically have a hydraulically-controlled blade. Elevating scrapers feature a conveyor system to load material into the hopper, allowing for continuous operation.

What are the primary applications of scraper trucks?

Scraper trucks are used for a wide range of applications, including earthmoving, land leveling, road construction, site preparation, and agricultural tasks such as land clearing and irrigation ditching. They are particularly useful in large-scale projects where efficient material handling and transportation are essential.

What are the advantages of using scraper trucks?

Scraper trucks offer several advantages, including high productivity, versatility in handling different materials, cost-effectiveness compared to traditional methods such as bulldozers and dump trucks, and the ability to perform multiple tasks with a single machine, such as excavation, loading, and spreading.

How do I choose the right scraper truck for my needs?

When selecting a scraper truck, consider factors such as the size and type of material to be handled, the terrain and conditions of the work site, desired productivity and efficiency, as well as budgetary constraints.

It’s also essential to evaluate the reputation and reliability of different brands and models, as well as any specific features or options that may be required for your application.

What are some reputable brands of scraper trucks?

Some well-known brands in the scraper truck industry include Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu, Terex, and Volvo.

These companies offer a range of models and configurations to suit various needs and budgets, along with reliable performance and support services. It’s advisable to research and compare different brands and models to find the best fit for your specific requirements.

How do I maintain and care for a scraper truck?

Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of a scraper truck. This includes regular inspections, lubrication, and servicing of mechanical components, as well as monitoring hydraulic systems and addressing any issues promptly.

Following the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for maintenance schedules and procedures is essential to maximize uptime and minimize downtime.